Source/Archive record SYO2502 - Archaeological Investigations at the City of York Guildhall

Title Archaeological Investigations at the City of York Guildhall
Date/Year 2020


Lift Pit Excavation demonstrated significant truncation and disturbance during the initial building of the North Annex building, further truncation for foundations linked with the late 20th century steel reinforcement of the building. Post medieval features, most probably linked with post medieval horticultural activities, were present, but significantly disturbed. A subsequent demolition or levelling layer survived up c.10.50mAOD. This corresponds to a compacted rubble pathway with a surface between 10.33mAOD and 10.85mAOD in the 2014 AOC excavation trench to the northwest. The overlaying disturbed cinder path deposits may relate to the garden and associated pathways shown on the 1852 first edition Ordnance Survey maps. The presence of disarticulated human bone within deposits used to raise the ground level suggests that the burial ground for the Friary, previously seen to the north and northeast, was disturbed during this process. In the area of the former Hutments, the pits investigated three different areas. Against the northwest boundary wall little was seen other than the late 19th century construction of the wall itself and the former ground levels linked with this. At the western limit of the site the construction of the 18th century building was established as well as earlier made ground deposits down to a depth of nearly 8m AOD. It is unclear how these made ground deposits related to the wall fronting to the slipways and river beyond. The last test pit adjacent to the North Annex Tower stairs indicated a significant construction event and a significant stone and rubble deposit extending deeper than 7.75mAOD. Inside the North Annex, the southwestern end of the building was not investigated to a depth great enough to see any additional details. Within the area of the lift pit more made ground deposits, including a stone layer or footing between c.9.00m and c.9.70AOD, were observed. At the north-eastern end of the building, deposits which were clearly former ground (soil) levels were encountered at c.10.60mAOD. This soil was a very similar depth to what was seen externally against the northwest boundary wall.

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