Excavations at Heslington East

Between 2003-2013 a series of archaeological investigations took place at Heslington East on the outskirts of York (SE 638 508). This work began as an investigation to define a response to a proposed planning application to extend the University of York Heslington Campus. The results and subsequent fieldwork led to the use of the site for training and community excavations.

The fieldwork represents the largest and most detailed exposure of prehistoric and Roman activity in the hinterland of York.

On the HER there are several reports covering this area. It can be confusing deciphering these technical archaeological reports. However, in 2020 the excavations in this area were written up by Steve Roskams and Cath Neal and published as a Research Report of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

As the use of this area varied over time the publication breaks the excavation findings down into the following sections: landscape, boundaries, food production, manufacturing and domestic structures, consumption practices and ideological practices (including burial).

Please note - there are several monument records within the Heslington East area on the HER map. Unfortunately, these are basic and do not cover all findings from the excavation.