Over the past few years there have been several projects which have enhanced the data held on the HER relating to WWII.

As part of the enhancement of the record the UK Pillbox Study Group supplied us with an updated record of modern defence sites within York. This included just over 100 new records being created – greatly boosting our information on various structures such as blast shelters, Stanton shelters and aircraft dispersal pens.

The last surviving aircraft dispersal pen in York is at Whitehall Grange associated with the former RAF Clifton Moor airfield. Several structures associated with Clifton airfield were subject to archaeological recording in late 2019. The structures recorded included sections of the runways and perimeter taxi-ways, a bulk petrol installation, a machine gun range and cannon ‘shooting-in’ butts, are associated with an expansion of the RAF airfield in late 1942.

The NRHE to HER project also contributed to the enhancement of WWII monuments on the HER. The additions from this project include a transport depot and airfield buildings at Acaster Malbis.

As part of the ongoing Raids Over York Project several public shelters have also been added to the HER. Additional information from this project will be added over time. One of the most interesting public shelters is perhaps at Station Rise. This shelter is cut into the city wall rampart and revealed part of the Roman bath house during excavation in the late 1930s.

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There are also many war memorials included on the HER such as the City Memorial. There are also memorials to the Korean and South African Wars.